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Club Volleyball

Come Join The Coastal Family!

Why play club volleyball? There are many reasons you decide that it is time to play at the club level. Maybe you enjoy the sport and like the feeling of competition, maybe you enjoy traveling and making new friends, or maybe you are looking to getting recruited and playing at the next level? Club volleyball offers a lot of benefits and experiences that you can gain that will go far beyond the court. There are different levels of teams that may be suitable for you, reach out if you have any questions.




When are tryouts? Tryouts for Coastal are held the last weekend of July for girls teams (2023: July 29th and 30th). 

Girls times:

  • 13 & under: 8am - 10am​
  • 14s: 10am - 12pm​
  • 15s: 12pm - 2pm
  • 16s: 2pm - 4pm​
  • 17s & 18s: 4pm - 6pm​

*Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your tryout time.


How do tryouts work? Tryouts at Coastal are $25 you will fill out a tryout form with a waiver and show up during your age group time slot. Your athlete will also receive a tryout t-shirt

How do the age groups work? Age groups are dependent on USAV age chart.

All State, Regional, and National tryouts are at the same time for the age groupsState, Regional and National teams are based off of skill level and preference. Some players may play at the national level but can only commit to the regional level for travel reasons or cost differences. We respect the request of the family to their time and commitment to the club. Athletes who request a national position will be considered for all three teams and will be placed on skill level and team positional needs.

When will I be notified if I made a team? National teams will start receiving calls that evening of the second day of tryouts (Sunday), Regional teams selection will be done before that Thursday, and State teams will be contacted before the following Saturday. Contract signing will take place within the month of August.

Will I be notified if I do not make a team? Yes, we contact all players who did not make a team and offer the ability to participate in our grassroots (academy) program.

How much is tuition? Tuition will vary by team, all athletes will be responsible for tuition, uniforms, and memberships. Tuition can be paid in full or through 10 monthly payments starting in September and running to June.


How long is the season? The first tryouts are held in the summer and our practices usually start right after Thanksgiving and the end of VHSL.   The length of the season actually depends on which team you play for.  The tournament schedule begins in January and ends in late May (Regional/State) or late June (National Teams)

If my child was on a National team last year will they automatically make a National team the following year? The answer to this is no, our tryouts run on a year to year bases. Teams are not only filled on skill level but also positions. For an example: we do not try to have four expert setters on one team,  but spread them out so every team can have a setter. In this case it will be determined at tryouts what team your child will make.


What is a Stay-To-Play Tournament? 'Stay to Play' policies are common among competitive sporting events. Tournaments enforce these policies to ensure the integrity and longevity of their event, as well as helping to ensure sufficient availability at quality hotels and the best available rates. Tournaments with 'Stay to Play' policies require all participating teams (parents/players/coaches) to book their hotel accommodations through the tournaments housing provider. Many housing companies require teams to sign contracts for compliance and policy adherence. Teams that fail to comply with the 'Stay to Play' policy or the contractual agreement may be faced with potential fines and penalties from the tournament, housing company, hotel and its' organizers.  

tips for stay to play: 

Is playing time guaranteed? Though the opportunity is always equivalent, playing time is never guaranteed to be equal. Playing time is a very complex determination. It includes the coach’s opinion, the athlete’s ability and potential, the team’s need at that moment of the game and in the future, work ethic, attitude, players consistency and role on the team. Please offer the experienced CHRVC coaches all benefit of the doubt by supporting them with a positive attitude. Every athlete is expected to have a “Team First” attitude. Team above self should be shared by both players and parents. Negativity will not be tolerated. The top teams in the country have figured out how to eliminate DRAMA. Your teammates should be like family. You will not always agree with each other, but you will respect and fight for them at all times.

How can I get information about the tournament we are going to? Each tournament usually has their own website or page set up through AES (Link provided under general information tab). This is where you can find information on participating teams and where the tournament schedules will be posted.

When are tournament schedules posted? Tournament schedules for your athlete and their team are usually posted on AES the Wednesday before the weekend of the tournament. This can include AM, PM, or Crossover brackets that can include both. Please plan accordingly when making travel arrangements.

Where can I purchase Spectator Tickets? Most tournament sites will have a link available, some tournaments will send out links to the club directors and the couches will give you the information for the tickets. It is based on the tournament and how they decide to sell tickets.


Are practices mandatory? All team practices are mandatory. In the event of a missed practice, coaches should be notified as soon as possible. In all but the most extreme circumstances, one day’s notice should be given. Always be ready to practice at least 15 minutes prior to your team taking the court. Practice time is limited so every athlete must be dressed, warmed up, and ready to go at scheduled practice time

Where are practices at? Practices are at our newly opened facility: "Coastal Hampton Roads Sportsplex" located at 12650 Patrick Henry Dr, Newport News, VA 23602 Located near the Newport News DMV.

When does club volleyball start? At Coastal we will begin practice between the weekend of Thanksgiving and the first week of December. Tournaments will start in January.

Are there water fountains at the practice location? Water fountains and concessions are available for athletes. We do recommend that athletes fill their water before coming to practice.


What's Next?

I made a state, regional, national team! What do I do next?

  • After you have given accepted your position you will attend contract signing and uniform day.
  • Athletes will have to have an AAU membership and USA membership. Information on how to sign up is located under the general information tab. 
  • Athletes will also be required to take the USAV training ref. clinics through sports engine. This information is also under the general information tab. These clinics will not be available until November, your coach will remind you when to complete this and when it is available.
  • Be sure to have your coaches contact information and take a look at the schedule for traveling. It is better to plan earlier than later. Information for hotels and travel will also be sent out by email through our travel coordinator.