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Club Volleyball

Come Join The Coastal Family!

Why play club volleyball? There are many reasons you decide that it is time to play at the club level. Maybe you enjoy the sport and like the feeling of competition, maybe you enjoy traveling and making new friends, or maybe you are looking to getting recruited and playing at the next level? Club volleyball offers a lot of benefits and experiences that you can gain that will go far beyond the court. There are different levels of teams that may be suitable for you, reach out if you have any questions.

*Check out our FAQ tab for more information

Boys Tryouts

Thank you to all of our athletes who have taken the time to tryout for our girls tryouts this past weekend! (July 30th and August 1st)

Boys Tryouts will be held at the Coastal Hampton Roads Sportsplex.

•August 14th

•14 & Under: 9am-11am

•15s & 16s: 11am- 1:30pm

•17s & 18s: 1:30pm-3pm

•*Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your tryout time.

What's Next?

I made a state, regional, national team! What do I do next?

  • Contracts will be sent out soon, make sure to sign and fill out all information needed.
  • Uniform information will be sent out to your email as well during this time. Make sure to purchase all uniforms needed for your athlete. New athletes will need to purchase the new uniform package.
  • Athletes have an AAU membership and USA membership information on how to sign up is located under the general information tab. 
  • Athletes will also be required to take the USAV training ref. clinics through sports engine. This information is also under the general information tab. These clinics will not be available until November, your coach will remind you when to complete this and when it is available.
  • Be sure to have your coaches contact information and take a look at the schedule for traveling. It is better to plan earlier than later. Information for stay to plays will also be sent out at a later time.